“Told You So”, Sincerely Your Intuition

If you are trying to create a better life for yourself, your intuition is the very best source to turn to for guidance. It always knows the right answer, and if you listen to it, you will always be guided in the direction you need to move in for your best result. Every human has an internal guidance system known as intuition that can be heard and felt.  Your intuitive guiding voice is always speaking to you, but it often gets lost among the many other voices in our heads. Such as our parents, teachers, society, inner critique and so on.  The key is to learn to hear and distinguish that voice from the other voices. 

Each of us has the capability to develop and use our intuition. With a little practice, you can strengthen the connection you have with your intuition and come to really rely on it.There are a variety of ways to communicate with your intuition.

Research from Dr. Kelly Turner’s article in Psychology Today reports that, “Our intuition often knows what’s best for us even when our thinking minds do not understand yet what’s going on. That’s because intuition operates from the part of our brain that developed at a time when hidden dangers could jump out at us at any moment – such as a tiger hiding behind bushes.  This part of our brain became highly skilled at sensing immediate danger as well as places of safety.  However, because most of us now live a relatively safe, day-to-day existence, that part of our brain is not triggered very often, and when it is, we are not familiar with it, so we tend to ignore its messages.”

 If you are interested in improving this connection it is best to try a few different techniques to find the ones that resonate with you the most.  Here are 5 easy ways to follow and improve your intuition:

1. Do calming activities. I find that the more I get out of my own way, the more relaxed I get internally. Reducing stress is an important step in intuitive strength. Quieting the mind with mediating, nature walks, and other calming activities, such as a massage or Reki are beneficial for everyone. 

2. Distinguish your intuitive voice. Everyone has an intuitive voice that guides us in the right direction, you just have to distinguish it from the other voices. When you feel like you have followed your intuitive voice, go back over what happened and recall what the voice sounded like. Also, take note on how you felt or if you saw anything visually. Every detail can bring you to that point again so you can strengthen and develop listening to your intuition. The more you can do that, the better you can identify it.

3. Ask your body. When you are uncertain on which way to proceed in life, ask your body! For example, if you have been offered a job but you are not sure if you should take it, sit down and close your eyes. Take a few breaths and wait until you are calm and still.  Now, deliberately ask your body if you should take the job and then imagine yourself accepting the job.  With your eyes still closed, do a mental scan of your body to pay attention to how it feels. Your intuition will cause some sensations in your body.  A “yes!” answer will literally  feel good. Your body will be buzzing, you will get the goosebumps or you will feel excitement in your heart.  A “no!” answer will feel bad. You will feel drained, achy or have a knot in your stomach.

4. Look for signs. Another thing you can do is look up for signs in your environment. Let’s say you are in the middle of a conversation with your friend and it is getting tense, you might look around you to see what your vision is immediately drawn to.  If you were to see a stop sign or a “proceed with caution” sign you could interpret this as your intuition’s way of encouraging you to stop the conversation or to tread lightly.  There are no accidents, so signs are placed in your line of vision for a reason.  Trust that  during the times you really need guidance, the signs and signals you are drawn to are there to provide you with clues, warnings or support.

5. Sleep on it.  Dreams are a fantastic vehicle for communicating with your intuition. The best way to implement this strategy is right before you go to bed.  As you close your eyes and head off to sleep, think intently about the question you have for your intuition. You may get your answer in the middle of a dream and remember it when you wake up.  It’s also quite possible that you won’t remember your dreams at all, but the next morning you will just know what to do. It’s always a good idea to “sleep on it” when you have big decisions to make.  In your dream state you are highly connected with your intuition.

In time, you will develop a superior connection to your intuition. You will find that instead of obsessing about your questions and dilemmas, you will be more in the flow of asking for and receiving guidance quickly and easily.  Finally, when you receive the answers that you need or feel a connection with your intuition, take a moment to express gratitude for the guidance.  The more you think about and appreciate the help your intuition has provided to you, the more easily you will receive the help that you want in the future. The universe will always reward a thankful heart.


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8 thoughts on ““Told You So”, Sincerely Your Intuition

  1. Intuition, perhaps, can be termed ‘unaquired knowledge’. This type of knowledge does not bridge itself from a subject and object. ‘It’ Is, effortlessly. Effortlessly because It never pushes. Mind/ego/false self pushes. There is no pushing in intuition (or Awareness). This energy of ‘knowing’ is before objects.

    Thank you for offering a venue for input. And thank you very much for reading my blog. Peace -Daddy’O


  2. I found this post so very intersting. I rely on my intuition so much I don’t even realize it until it’s over and I give it some thought. Thank you for your words.


  3. I recently had to make a life changing decision. I decided to quit my job after 14 years. I followed a friend’s advice about following intuition. I didn’t get it at that time but as I read your blog #s 3 and 5 made me finally decide. Thanks for sharing!


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