In the beginning is the idea
The idea that drives me & the story
that paints the pictures
that makes us see & believe the message
the message that brings us from
below the line
to above the line
Virtual to reality.

About The Art of Now

The Art of Now is all about the mind-body-spirit connection, using tools and ancient methods, such as: meditation, yoga, creative visualizations and the use of affirmations can be the best answers to restoring balance in you and your life and to help guide you through life changes to self-realization.

Further, The Art of Now proposes that there are times when the future should be, considered, planned and visualized. Let The Art of Now be the place you turn to again and again to gain new knowledge and methods that you can apply it to your complex life, to maximize your now and create the future you want.

Established in 2010 as Doon Art. That site has been re-focused and expanded into The Art of Now.

“Our future depends on our ability to pay attention to the present.”

What will you find here?

The Art of Now is the place where you can find a range of  mind-body-spirit topics, the knowledge,  the research, inspiration, motivation, tools and techniques to:

  • Reshape your current, everyday way of thinking, or your Now.
  • Provide you with the ways and means to identify and transform how you deal with your ever changing life to a happier Now.
  • Guide you to through the creation of a more fulfilling, happy, opportunity filled, future.

The Art of Now content ranges from short notes to full-length articles, useful resources and techniques , my illustrations and coming soon videos.

About Donna J. Parker

I am driven to give you the tools and knowledge for inner growth and development by living your life with mind-body-spirit connections. Through out most of my life, I have done my best to utilize my time to read, study and to practice what I have learned.

I have a Bachelor’s in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Education, specifically Instructional Technology.  When I am not working on The Art of Now, you can find me meditating, walking, being a Jazz Music Radio Host and spending time with my family and friends.  I am finally living and loving my life. Now I wake up everyday excited about my life, assisting and serving people, in my own way.

I invite you to get involved with The Art of Now community by commenting, liking, sharing and practicing what you have learned here.

I ask you,  ARE YOU READY to reach your greatest potential and live the life you truly want?


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