“Our souls are not hungry for fame, comfort or power.  Our souls are hungry for meaning.” —Unknown 

I found this quote and it resonated deeply with me.  I began to think about my life in terms of being vs. just doing.  I think authentic being comes from the soul.  When I have witnessed someone being truly successful in life it has been because they have found a way to tap into this/their “being-ness”.

For most of my life, I have felt different than other people.  I always felt like I thought differently and held different beliefs than most people.  For example, when I was very young I knew when people where sick.  I learned quickly that you can not just blurt out this information. So I stopped saying it, but I still knew. As I grew up I tried to fit in. Eventually, I became very good at blending in.  However, I realized that fitting in did not provide lasting happiness, abundance, love not even self-love.


Since I was in my early 20’s life one of my life passions has been/is my spiritual quest, which also started when I was very young.  I will not go into my life story here, but my mother encouraged and modeled to me her spiritual beliefs.  As I grew older I have experimented with many different tips, tricks, techniques, philosophies, teachings, etc., over the years.  Some I have kept, some I grew out of, and some just did not resonate with me. Everything is not for everybody, however their is something for everyone.  

I became a Reiki Master in 1983. I have been reading, studying, and practicing a number of different spiritual philosophies and techniques. My formal education, a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and my Master’s of  Science in Education provided me with an opportunity to teach at the college level, for a number of years.  Lastly, I think I was born with a natural ability and passion for the arts; specifically the visual arts.

 “It is not how do I fill my day? It’s about how does my day fill me?” — Charlie Rose

I decided that for me to live my authentic and fulfilling life I needed to follow the path that my heart wants to go in by looking at what I am passionate about. I began thinking outside the box and questioning my self. I felt ready to release my old belief systems and to defy a few social norms. 

I want to provide you with enough thought provoking, inspiring, information and techniques about living a spiritual lifestyle that it shakes up how you currently think about yourself, your life, the world and your role in it. 

How do we take our spiritual practice and live it every day?

You do not have to jump into a spiritual lifestyle all at once.  I have tried many different, tips, tricks, techniques, teachings, etc., over the years.  Some I have kept, some I grew out of, and some just did not resonate with me. Everything is not for everybody, however their is something for everyone. 

My goal is to inspire, ignite and empower you to, do be and have the life you want, that you have been waiting for.

“Your current situation does NOT have to be your final destination.” — Unknown

I challenge you to create the most fulfilling, loving, meaningful, abundant, healthy life that your body, mind and spirit can imagine and deserves.

I invite you to GET INVOLVED with The Art of Now community by commenting, liking, sharing and practicing what you have learned here.

I ask you, ARE YOU READY to reach your greatest potential and live the life you truly want?


For people anyone looking for spiritual guidance from the newbie to the novices.


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My healing foundation is Reiki, however, I have “super-charged” this technique, this energy with spiritual/angelic guidance.  A typical session lasts about 30 minutes, you remain seated and I do not have to touch you. Use the email or phone number included at the bottom of the page to set-up and appointment or for more information.

It is my honor and pleasure to serve you.  Thank you and Enjoy . . . . . . Donna


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