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“If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.” ~Thomas Jefferson

“How To Use This Quarantine To Your Advantnge” was the title of my April 2020 article where I wrote, “There are two main ways to use your newfound downtime instituted by your city or state. First, you can binge on social media or lament the fact that your previous lifestyle has been put on hold, or you can use this time to transform your life. Improve your skills. Build healthier habits. What if I told you that a determined person could/can use this time away from bars, restaurants, concerts and sporting events to come up with some of their best ideas, drastically improve their lives and position themselves to emerge from the quarantine better than when it started?”  I choose to use my time to do something I have always wanted to do and here are the steps I have followed so far.

I have had a desire, since I was a child to be an artist. I drew on everything, yes not always just paper. I did not pursue this as an option when I went off to college because my well-meaning parents told me that I was Black and a woman and would never make it in that field.  But, my dream never died an now I am taken this opportunity, during quarantine to develop an art business. Not just the creative process, that I love dearly, but actually learning about and developing plans for the business part of being an artist. 

My first step was to determine what feelings I wanted my creations to evoke in the viewer and their environments. I came up with a number of words, but the three I choose for guidance are: to inspire, ignite and empower the viewer. I am also utilizing a number of the methods and tools I have written about over the years, including: Mediatation to reduce stress, Visualizations were I see myself  creating beautiful art, to be found in a variety of venues and of course, having a great income. I have created and use affirmations to avoid self-sabotage and I have a no-holds barred list of my ultimate goals (I.e., on a postage stamp). Imagine my surprise when one of my venues became a reality.  I am part of a team that is painting murals for the Wisconsin Veterans Museum. 

“Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your values, your values become your destiny.” ~ Gandhi

The story we tell ourselves is the story that our mind believes. Our perception creates our reality and our beliefs create our outcome. Therefore, one the quickest ways to live  your dreams is to shift your mindset. Change occurs using mindset shifts to help you live your dream life.  The basic principal behind mind shifts is that, you can decide who you want to become and how you will get there, by removing the mind barriers in your way. In order to change your story, you must be willing to change and the key is to consistently tell yourself a new story. Yes, this topic deserves a complete article of it own and it’s coming soon. But for today, I have included one of the mindset shifts that I use often. 

“Impossible to I’m possible.” ~ Donna Parker

Believe in What Is Possible is my go-to mind shift pattern to use. The premise is, if you do not wholeheartedly believe you can achieve something, it just will not happen, therefore, if you want to live your dream life, you first must believe that is possible. 

More specifically, you  start by  changing your language. Shift your thinking from There’s no way to There’s always a way. From It doesn’t work to How can we make this work? When you find yourself finding problems, switch to a solution mindset. Next, you visualize the outcome. Our minds believe what we show and tell them; if you can visualize it happening, your mind will believe you. Imagine your dream life as if it is already real. What do you see, hear or feel? Put yourself in that state of mind.

If you love what you do, each day becomes a joyful adventure. If you do not love what you are doing, life feels like a chore. The best way to achieve success is to design a life you love and live it every day. Remember, doing something you love does nog have to include big gestures or time-consuming projects. Start small and grow from there.

Here is the reason for my happy dance, I am proud to announce the opening of my ETSY store: @donnaparkergallery

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“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.” – Henry Ford

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