Graphic Design

FOR GRAPHIC DESIGN OR ILLUSTRATION SERVICE please contact me at doonartof @  Thank you


Donna J. Parker,  designs iconic visual identities for you, or your small business or your event. The people you are trying to reach exist in the physical. They see and touch in their everyday lives. Ms. Parker focuses on that, from the start. Keeping your design, branding and overall marketing up to speed with what your clients, customers (existing & potential), even what your sponsors expect to see is phenomenally important. She designs and orchestrates the material culture, ensuring that every design tells the right story.


I have had the pleasure and opportunity to work with a few extremly talented authors. (Ok, the top book is mine.) It is indeed an honor to be able to bring words to life.  ……. I am working with a non-profit organization on a cookbook that should be out this year.



I have included three magazine covers, from early in my Design career. I still consider these opportunities as one of the highlights of my artistic career..