How To Use This Quarantine To Your Advantage

I recently read, “When England’s theatre’s were closed due to the Black Plague, Shakespeare wrote MacBeth and King Lear.”  These words made me stop, think and became the inspiration for this article. 

Most people are under some type of quarantine during the Coronavirus outbreak and you have most likely just found yourself with a drastically new way of life. You are not going out much, except if you need something from the store, you are probably staying in. For many the stillness is disconcerting, but it brings us a potent reminder of just how busy our lives usually are. Suddenly so many of us find ourselves with space and time, neither of which we often have in abundance. We may struggle to adjust to the changes we are now living, but it is important to knuckle down and do everything we need to do in order to find a way through this.

Have you noticed how the cabin fever effect has been forcing more of us to face what has been going on inside of ourselves,  Many of us have had to face truths about ourselves, our relationships and where we get our sense of self worth from as a consequence of not being able to do as much.  Most of us have been taught from a very young age that what you do is what matters most, and there has been less of an emphasis on the importance of how you feel. That is all changing now that you have to do less and feel more.

There are two main ways to use your newfound downtime instituted by your city or state. First, you can binge on social media or lament the fact that your previous lifestyle has been put on hold, or you can use this time to transform your life. Improve your skills. Build healthier habits. 

What if I told you that a determined person could/can use this time away from bars, restaurants, concerts and sporting events to come up with some of their best ideas, drastically improve their lives and position themselves to emerge from the quarantine better than when it started?

Do not believe the myth that slowing down means you are unproductive. It is not true If you want to make better decisions in your life, slowing down is one of the best ways to do just that. And, this quarantine is forcing a lot of us to slow our roll. Slowing down gives us time to process the world around us. Reflect on our lives. Think more clearly and honestly about the decisions that we make in our lives and how those decisions affect our jobs, careers, family, financial stability and, of course, our happiness. 

During your quarantine, take this opportunity to try new things, or start doing those things that your previous commute or work schedule prevented. Here are a few ideas to get you started:


Practicing or leaning how to do mediation during this time will keep you calmer and you can also use your mediation time to visualize your desired future.


I have read and firmly believe that a good house cleaning—where you get behind the couch, go through junk drawers, etc.— changes the energy flow in your home.  Furthermore, when you straighten or get rid of unused items you are making way for your new things, experiences and opportunities. 


Being creative is the spice of life, and this might be just the opportunity to start letting your creative juices flow. For example, try new recipes with just those things in your pantry. Or do arts and crafts, like sewing or knitting. Or woodworking. Watercolor painting. Or, practice the instrument that you have always wanted to learn but never had the time. Or, start writing the book you have wanted to write. Or the business or blog you been meaning to start.


This might seem extreme, but if you have been waiting for an opportunity to change your career, or start your own business, this could be the perfect opportunity to change to start preparing.  This might include: updating your resume, or practicing a new skill or taking online classes or working with a friend on a small business.


Use this extra-time to touch-base and grow closer with your friends and family. Learn more about them. Do more activities inside the house as a family to build stronger bonds and more meaningful relationships.  Phone, Facetime or video chat with friends and extended family all over the world. Your quarantine gives you the opportunity to reconnect with friends whom you have not seen in years, and these connections can spark amazing new ideas and future goals.   

Be excited about this time and about the opportunity that it is presenting to you.  The time, your time is now,

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