6 Questions to Ask for a Successful Life

“Quality questions create a quality life. Successful people ask better questions and as a result they get better answers.” — Tony Robbins

Intelligent and successful leaders all do one thing better than anyone else. They are constantly asking themselves questions to stay relevant and insightful. A meaningful question has the power to prompt you to take a close look at your life and your actions. The right questions will direct you to take responsibility for your success and your happiness. Asking questions can be extremely powerful, but those questions must be relevant to your life, and you must take the time to answer them.

By taking time daily – 10 to 15 minutes – to sit down and address them. You can write them down or just sit quietly and think about them. Answering these questions daily can drastically accelerate your progress on all your personal and professional goals and make the difference in your overall sense of well-being and success.

Realistically, do not expect an earth shattering revelations and changes when you ask any of these questions for the first time. You will only realize the profound power of these questions once you begin asking them for at least a few days. But over time, these questions can truly make your life extraordinary. Let’s begin. 

“The unexamined life is not worth living.” —Socrates

Here are the 6 questions that have the power to transform your life.

Did I work toward my goals today?

Successful people understand the importance of goal-setting including everything from long-term vision to short-term motivation. Focusing on your goals helps you to organize your actions and make the most of your ambition and aspirations.

What bad habits do I need to stop?

Your bad habits–and we all have them–may be damaging your work, credibility, relationships, even your self-confidence. It is well worth putting in the daily time and effort to overcome them and replace them with things that will serve you better.

What motivated me today?

Motivation is the force that keeps pushing you forward. It is your internal drive to achieve, produce, and develop. It is always to your benefit to pay attention to the things that feed your personal motivation.

Have I been the kind of person I want to be?

Character rules. You are not born with the qualities that make up your character, they develop as you go through life, such as: your experiences, your failures, and your wins. Pay attention to your sense of responsibility and your responses to events to develop the character you would like to have.

What mistakes did I make today, and what can I learn from them?

We all experience failures and mistakes; it is how you respond that makes the difference. You can choose to see failure as proof of your inadequacy, or recognize it as an incredible learning experience and an opportunity for growth.

What am I grateful for today?

There will always be bad days and good days. Through it all, gratitude remains among the most useful tool you have. It shows you what really matters and what is important, and it keeps you level-headed and focused on what is important.

If you want to create a shift in your business and your leadership, make a daily practice of asking yourself the right questions–because it is the right questions that lead us to the right answers.

** Published in the Capital City Hues newspaper, in my Art of Now column, January 2020

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