100 Character Challenge

If I can see it I can draw it. When I was young I drew on everything and wanted to grow up to be an artist.  My parents however informed me that as a woman and a black person I would never make a living at art.  I choose a different college major and life went on. I was always creative but not on a consistent basis. 

Life takes many twists and turns and I was blessed to work, for awhile, at a local magazine UMOJA, where I learned photography and graphic design. Last year, I would look for copyright free work that I could use to create my posts and just could not find what I thought would represent me and what I wanted to say.  One day in February I was looking for art and realized that I was wasting way to much time “looking” and that I should work smarter not harder.  It was then that I decided I would do my own art to represent me and all of my business entities.

In February, I decided to do 100 characters (80 women and 20 men) by the end of the year. The plan is to have members, in various poses, with different emotions, and so on.  On Feb 18th (my birthday) the first four members of my tribe where born.  I do 3 or 4 tribe members a week (no matter what else I’m doing) and I am now starting #79.  Somewhere in the process I realized I needed backgrounds so I have done those too! (I.e. I already have my holiday trees ready).

I have limited resources (money) and do not have access to fancy applications or a lot of extra art supplies. But not having enough money has never stopped me.  So I work with what I have, my laptop, IPhone, Ipad, paper, pencils, markers and eraser.

Today I share my process.  Which is totally learn by doing.  Here are numbers 48, 49 and 50.

I start the old fashioned way by drawing my figures (above) and then I ink them (below).

I scan the art, add it to my laptop to edit and add skin color (below).












Finally I use some of my background designs to create outfits. (below).

In the process of creating figures I have come up with so many ideas for their uses.  I have developed affirmations and plans for their use through next year.

I am enjoying creating art, as much (if not more) as I thought I would when I was younger.  InJoy!!!

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