Do You Work To Live OR Live To Work?

We spend most of our lives at our places of work. In fact, we spend more hours at work than we do at home, not counting the time we are asleep.

Not many of us work from home. In fact most of us are at places miles away from where we live and from our families. That being the case, we should be happy, fulfilled, appreciated, rewarded and so on, doing what we do, 5 days a week. In general, people consider job satisfaction a measure of life satisfaction. Are you happy with your job? Do you wish you could change your job or career? Do you fill you are not being paid, recognized or rewarded enough for what you do? 

Some people work because they have to. Others truly love what they do, and they’re willing to take some lumps for the company as long as they feel job satisfaction. Even the worst job has it compensations and the greatest job has its deficiencies. The biggest obstacle to your work happiness is simply your belief that you are the prisoner of your circumstance, powerless before the things that happen to you. We create our own experience. You cannot make things better by fighting your current unhappy working conditions or blaming others for your disappointment and failures.  

You can spend your whole life frustrated from work (which you don’t like) or you can spend it living (doing what you love and even earning a living from it!  Transform the ordinary into the profound.write “

Increase your work satisfaction and happiness with these techniques. You cannot expect new and different results with the same old behaviors.  Consider the following alternative approach to job satisfaction and happiness.

Write a list. What is important to you and what is not? What kinds of work tasks or activities are attractive to you? Writing a list of the tasks and qualities you want in your next job. 

Writing a next job list has proven to be very successful for me and I have used it a number of times. Here are a few keys to writing a successful list.  Be specific.  Do not write, “I want enough money to cover my needs.”  Instead indicate a specific amount. The last time I did this I said, “ I want to make a specific amount of money per hour and only work 20 hours a week.” Think about everything the people, environment, pay, specific tasks that you enjoy using.  I requested using graphic design skills with my last position.  This leads to the next point, think big.  Go for what you really want.  In my last example I asked for a ridiculous amount of money for a part-time job, considering I had no training, education and not a lot of experience.  Another key approach is to take time with writing your list.  I give myself two or three days to complete my list. I have found that the increased focus about what I really want increases the positive thoughts and energy flow to my request.  Also, over the course of this time other features come to mind that I would have regretted not having.  Finally, say a brief prayer over your list and always end with “Grant me this or something better.”  Yes, I did get that job and it had most of what I asked for.

Saturate yourself.  Dare to think, act and react differently than others that are poverty-prone, unless you want to remain with them.  There is plenty of room at the top in any line of work or career for those who dare to free themselves from the excuse making, bickering, back-stabbing, jealousies and criticisms entertained by many people.  Surround yourself in an atmosphere of plenty and associations with successful people.  Saturate you mind, body and spirit with rich ideas, rich associations, rich atmosphere or any activity that brings a richness to your inner being.  For example I may go to an expensive restaurant  and just have tea just to be surrounded by the best.  Or I will shop at grocery store in a high income neighborhood. Or read about a position I am aspiring to. or talk with someone who is already in the position I am seeking.

Persistence. If one does not persist one will not achieve success in any field. If you challenge yourself to persist regardless of lack of education, background, money, talent, influence, or reputation you can and will succeed.  The application of persistence to any task, interaction or goal is often what distinguishes between those who are successful and those who fail in any endeavor. Indeed, a lack of persistence or “giving up too soon” is one of the most common reasons for failure in any endeavor.

Sounds easy but this is were I think many of us fail.  It takes 30 days to create a new habit. A habit leads to a practice a practice leads to a life change. How often have you started something new and given up before 30 days had passed.? 

Take inspired action — everyday. It’s easy to feel discouraged when we’re not seeing any progress, yet, en route to any goals there are many times when it’s hard to sense movement. Each day, make sure you are taking at least one, conscious inspired action – something that moves you in a direct line toward your dream. Then, even on the slow days you’ll know you’re still moving forward. Read your list to keep upper most in your mind where you are going.  Visualize the end result, use your affirmations, write out your ideal day are just a few of things you can do to keep yourself inspired.

You cannot travel within and stand still without.

UPDATE as of  2017. Now, I work for myself and I am loving & living what I do. 

An Art of Life article , originally published May 2014, in the Capital City News newspaper.

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2 thoughts on “Do You Work To Live OR Live To Work?

  1. I live to work, because it is the work I do that sustains me – not the other way around. Too many people have jobs they hate but don’t do anything to change that. I had a real job – once. it was weired getting a paycheck with the taxes taken out and i had to punch a clock. Not fun.


  2. This is very pertinent to me right now. I like that you asked for a ‘ridiculous’ amount of money, with no training, education or little experience. We often underestimate our possibilities.


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