The Jazz Experience Radio Show Now on Podcast


The Jazz Experience Radio Show now available as a podcast.  Listen anytime on Mixcloud

the-jazz-experience-music-speaksThe Jazz experience is a trademark mix of Jazz sub-genres ranging from the earliest days of Jazz, the swinging sounds of Big Bands, BeBop, Cool, Improvisation though to today’s top talents. Plus a few surprises with Jazz classic remixes and Latin Jazz.

Listeners tune in to be informed and entertained by the: Jazz Facts, Question of the Day, and the Jazz Love musical segments on each show. Devotees find delight in the occasional Jazz poems and Jazz gossip.  The Jazz Experience celebrates significant and historical events through Jazz music, such as: Jazz Black history during Black History Month,  and women In Jazz during Women’s history month.

Overall The Jazz Experience seeks to provide an “experience”  to and for the audience via a variety of ways to learn, listen and love Jazz music.


donna-j-parker-radio-host-the-jazz-experienceMy radio format is outside of the box your typical Jazz radio show.  I want the Jazz Experience’s listeners to be entertained, educated and informed. For me it is not just a Jazz music radio show, each show is an opportunity for me to invite my listeners  to “experience” Jazz music in a dynamic, multi-dimensional way.  Ultimately, I want my listeners to think, feel and take action as a by-product of their participation.

It is an honor and a continued pleasure to have the opportunity to touch the world and affect positive change through Jazz music.


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Artist, Writer, Graphic Design, Jazz Radio Host here to Inform, Inspire & Ignite you to live the life you really want.

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