Living Outside Your Comfort Zone


In order to have an extraordinary life, you must not settle, doing ordinary things. 

You have heard it a thousand times. Get out of your comfort zone. But it’s so comfy there. Why would you want to leave there in the first place?

You know why. To live life to the fullest. To actually experience life instead of being a spectator. We know life is not a spectator sport and we need to participate. But it would just be so nice if we could participate from our comfort zone.

You can’t and you shouldn’t. Well, technically yes you can but you just shouldn’t. Whether you realize it or not, we are all born into a box… a box with prescribed roles, responsibilities and rules. Rules that apply to everyone and almost everything. Stages in life are set and passed on. We are born into one big box with a life of its own and plenty of toys that make us feel safe and warm, and keep us busy and occupied.  A place where everything and everyone else seem to be doing the same thing.

But to some of us, fitting in and following rules makes us itch.

How many people do you know that are living inside the box, still working a regular job or business, wishing they could make more money, or have more time for the fulfilling life experiences or with more freedom?

It is not easy, either, to make the switch, or to get out of there and go be daring or adventurous. It will take guts and courage. But as difficult as it may be, it certainly is not impossible.

A couple of years ago, I experienced a series of events that left my “comfort zone” not that comfortable. Briefly, I left my job. I sold all my belongs down to only what I could get in my car. My job opportunities were none existent. I got sick and broke my toe twice. I broke up with my guy.  I was depressed and so on.  It was pretty bleak. By accident I came across this saying, “F-E-A-R has two meanings: “Forget Everything and Run” or “Forget Everything and Rise” by Zig Ziegler.  I had tried running and that did not work so I choose to rise.  I made the decision to totally commit myself to my spiritual practices, including: affirmations, setting intent in the morning and using my “fail safe switch.

During this time, my other most important decisions was to not work for a living at what my sister and I call a “job-job”.  In other words I decided to step out of, live outside of my comfort zone.  My decision to rise and step out of my comfort zone has been the best decision of my life.  Now I earn my living doing things I absolutely love  —Columnist, Radio Host, Graphic Designer and Book Illustrator. Needless to say, all aspects of my life have improved tremendously. I have a charming home, a great love, improved personal relationships, more time and almost no stress.  My only regret is that I did not do this sooner.

This has inspired me to embrace living outside the box even more because to me, successful and happy living is about having the freedom to create and live life on your own terms. And if me telling you that is not enough, here are some other reasons why it’s definitely time to step outside of your comfort zone.

You get more courageous. You finally realize you can do super awesome things and once you start doing them, slowly but surely, you will want to do more and more. It takes a lot of courage to try new things.

It will blow your mind wide open. The things you will discover, the things you will try, the experiences you will have. Oh my. Once you discover life outside your comfort zone, outside of that box, you will never go back in there and you will wonder what took you so long to jump out in the first place. Yes,  when your life expands and it will blow your mind in unimaginable ways.

Boost of self confidence. If you have been afraid to do anything but deep down inside, you have secretly wanted to do all these bad ass things. You just never had the confidence or courage or bravery to do any of it. But now that you have jumped out of the box you have this unbelievable new found badassery and self confidence. You did it.

Gain of new respect. Not only self respect but respect from others as well. For so long you have stayed in your shell and now that you have finally take the plunge to get out of your box and live life people are not only amazed by your bravery but are in awe of you. They see you in a different light now.

Freedom. Finally, there is the freedom from the chains that have been binding you for so long. The chains of fear, limiting beliefs and bondage. You have a new vigor and taste for life. You are experiencing a freedom you have never known before and it is exhilarating. It is like a huge weight has just been lifted off your shoulder and you are alive again.

When you step outside of your comfort zone life happens. Life. Are you ready to live it the way it is meant to be lived?

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6 thoughts on “Living Outside Your Comfort Zone

  1. A wonderful piece about the benefits of expanding your horizons and gaining perspective. Glad I discovered you, looking forward to reading through your writings! This was inspirational 🙂 thanks!


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